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A Message from Susanna

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Theatre Terrific Community, Board of Directors, Staff, Artists, Students, Parents, Teachers and the expanse of the theatre world that I have had the gift of knowing and collaborating with.

I have had the honor of spending 20 years with Theatre Terrific...the majority as Artistic Director,
collaboratively creating around 40 productions, leading classes and workshops locally, nationally and internationally... too many to keep count. All of this, with a wondrous wide and ever-growing diverse community of artists who have taught me what an amazing rich array of human experience and perspective lives in this world.

As a theatre director, actor, playwright, I truly believe the purpose of art and especially of theatre, is to tell stories of truth, to touch us with insight, to show us who we are, what is our place and purpose in this world. What matters: the environment, the food we eat, the work we do, the animals we are, the relationships, the places, the people and the parts of ourselves that we deeply value.

Further, as a theatre creator, I have truly endeavoured to respectfully honor humanity in all its infinite variety, and thus, have always sought to work with casts of artists who represent and speak for humanity in all its wondrous diversity of human form, perspective and lived experience.

These past years of collaborative theatre creation have been a ceremony of connection, acknowledgment and truly a journey of mutual discovery. In every production, class and theatre workshop, I have had the honor of working with a diverse inclusive array of artists of all abilities, experience, ages, nationalities and human intersections. Together we shared and with courageous trust, sought to tell and present the truths of life... the love, the joy, the anger, the curiosity, the fear, the strength, the weakness...a full rainbow of elemental human stories.

Together we deeply explored who we are, why we are and what we do...and further...shared with audiences, close and far, who continuously connected, recognizing that we all share commonalities, concerns and hopes as we travel life's winding road.

These creative journeys, with the ever-evolving Theatre Terrific family, have enriched my life with insights and understanding that I do not think I could have experienced anywhere else. My gratitude for the decades of exploration and discovery on this amazing journey... is boundless.

How to thank the many that have touched and taught? How to thank those who gifted myself, each other and subsequently Theatre Terrific with creative insights that defy definition? How to thank the many organizations, schools, companies and groups that asked me to come and share Theatre Terrific's processes, locally, provincially, nationally and internationally, in classes, workshops, group presentations and writings.

In all this, I bow in reference to the many who came, who gave, who touched, who shared their creative gifts...again and again.
You know who you are.
There are too many to name.
Personally, I was blessed to know you and to receive.
Please accept my deepest gratitude and acknowledgment.


I leave Theatre Terrific, as the Artistic Director, knowing I have done the work, over these many years, with my
full heart, mind and being.

I will cherish this ocean of memories...always.

As an aside, please know that I will not "disappear" but have stepped away from Artistic Directorship. My greatest desire is that Theatre Terrific should continue its incredible work with vigor and zest. May it grow new branches, dig deeper roots and bear luscious fruit!

In Gratitude, In Hope and In Spirit,
Thank you
        Thank you
                    Thank you.
                                Susanna Uchatius

Help us continue to make theatre affordable and accessible to people of all abilities by making a small donation in loving memory of Susanna and in honour of all that she gifted our community.

Help us continue her legacy of supporting artists of all abilities in the rigorous creation of provocative theatre.

Any amount helps.
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