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Alex Edwards
Andy Wise

Andrew Fyvie

Calum Bente

Claire Brown
Craig Muirhead
Candice Larsheid

Daryl Dickson

Jan Mareels
Lianne Crowe

Nelly Jo Kurta

Priscillia Tait

Robin Holmes

Sarah Brown
Tyson Aubin
Willow Eady



WINDOWS is an original multimedia theatre work created through a comprehensive community-engaged process, by, with and for community artists of all abilities. The show's roots grew from the seeds of ongoing online workshops (October 2020-June 2021) that transitioned into an ensemble of artists of all abilities committed to a rigorous composition and rehearsal period (June-August 2021.) The initial workshop training series included acting classes (lead by Susanna Uchatius, Angelo Moroni and Laen Hershler), choral class (lead by Cheryl Olvera), dance workshops (with Ashlee Davidson), a puppet making workshop (with Randi Edmundson and Stephanie Elgersma) and a drumming workshop (with Indigenous artist Kat Norris).


What is a window? 

Many things...particularly in this year of being "locked in."

What do we see, think of, feel, remember, cherish...if we are looking OUT through our personal window... and in opposition...what do we see, think of, feel, remember, cherish if our window is looking INTO ourselves?

WINDOWS is a shared collaborative musical gaze INTO and OUT through windows revealing funny, sad, surprising, cherished stories expressed in poetry, movement, song, puppetry, imagery of all shades and rhythms.


Susanna Uchatius (co-director/artistic director) 

Laen Hershler (co-director)

Angelo Moroni (co-director and composer)

MariFer Rios (stage manager)

Julia Siedlanowska (producer/managing director and associate artistic director)


Digital Fracture: VOICES

There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in. -Leonard Cohen

What is our universal language at this time? How are we a part of mother earth and what is our responsibility to mother earth and to each other? Covid has put us in a deeper awareness of ourselves. Through gesture, recorded audio, and visual media, Digital Fracture: VOICES asks us to step away from the screen and transition into a deeper self-awareness and connection. The Fringe was one of the first festivals to embrace our inclusive theatre company so many years ago, and we are overjoyed to join again at this time.



Workin’” – this large cast musical play will be part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival in September 2019 and also the Heart of the City Festival Oct/Nov 2019.  It will be performed in the Woodwards Heritage Building Atrium a major city centre crossroads.  The question always asked is; “What do you do?”  Workin’ will address the personal and public value of work, the hierarchical status of different types of work, who works where and why. What defines ‘something’ as work and ‘something else’ as NOT work? 

"I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble.  The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker."
                                                                      ~ Helen Keller




HELLO is a story built on the bones of factual truth. The facts are:

World famous playwright Arthur Miller and his last wife, Austrian photojournalist Inge Morath, married in 1962 and had a beautiful daughter. In 1966 they had a son who was born with Down Syndrome.  They named him Daniel.  Daniel never lived with his family.  Instead, he was shut away in an overcrowded, understaffed institution akin to bedlam.  For over forty years the general public never knew there was a Daniel Miller. 

Why did Mutti say nothing?  Why did nobody, including the powerful cultural and artistic community that surrounded the Miller family, say anything? Does this matter?

What if Daniel could step back in time, before he was born, to his birth and onward?  What if Daniel could watch the family story unfold? What would Daniel see, what would he say and what might have happened?

HELLO is a work of intimate family discovery through the eyes of Daniel. There is singing, dancing, family feuds, friends, food, and furniture moving, all woven together with moments of astounding truth paired with equally astounding denial.  Ultimately, when all is said and done, the final questions are:

Does this matter?...and if so why?


Does this not matter...and if so why not?