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Theatre Terrific Presents:


Ron Basford Park

September 8th-17th
Vancouver Fringe Festival 2023


Lianne Crowe
Willow Eady
Alex Edwards
Gudrun Sabrina Hirt
Reinhold Hirt
Matthew Jin
Robin Bevis-Wilson
Irene Lozano-Garcia
Teresa Ngan
Andy Wise, son of Richard

Production Team

Co-Director/Sound Design/Composer
Stage Manager
Technical Director
Artistic Director

Angelo Moroni
Kevin Jesuino
Claudia Chan
Bill Beauregarde
Christian Ching
Susanna Uchatius
Garvin Chan

Director's Notes

We started creating this show from the actor's personal stories with the theme of "outside". From this arose stories of connecting to nature, re-establishing relationships with family members, not having access to needs & rights along with being excluded. You, the audience, sit outside, under these trees of which we have made our home for this year's Fringe. We welcome you into our stories. Feeling into the ground that we are all on. We dance. We sing. We breath in 'the outside.'
-Angelo & Kevin

About the team:

Bill Beauregarde (Technical Director)
I can certainly understand and sympathize with this show. Cuz I've always seemed to be the one on the outside looking in. Also theater terrific seems to be one of my highlights for the year to be able to work on the show. I also have had multiple roles with theater terrific mostly in the technical and sets

Christian Ching (Producer)I tend to live in the shadows, grinding away at my own work.Outside is reflection, retrospection, and reconnection.

Claudia Chan (Stage Manager)
I have epilepsy and am proud of it because it made me who I am.
Outside, is when I am outside my comfort zone so that I can try something new every day.

Lianne Crowe (Cast)
I love life!  
Outside is looking out my living room window and I see trees and a stream. I see nature.

Garvin Chan (Marketer)
The Outside is where I go to clear my head - simply away. A manifestation of a tangible escape.

Willow Eady (Cast)
I love to do art.
Outside means going outside your comfort zone and letting what you sense shape you.

Alex Edwards (Cast)
When I feel very deeply, tears come because I have a soft heart.
Outside is nature and Mother Earth, where people can get together and share their feelings.

Kevin Jesuino (Co-Director)
I am honouring my queer ancestors who fought for me to be here.
Outside begins on the surface of my skin as it accelerates beyond the birds, the bees, the trees, beyond the atmosphere and into spaces of mystery.

Gudrun Sabrina Hirt (Cast)
I've lived a few years very isolated and this is my first time shining again.
Outside, is getting outside of being trapped in a drama, as well as feeling I am outside of society.

Matthew Jin (Cast)
Outside is an opportunity for both actors and the audience to immerse themselves in real life stories translated into theatre, each providing a unique perspective on the human experience and how feeling "outside" is something which we can all attest and empathize towards no matter how similar or different the walks of life we come from are from one another.

Reinhold Hirt (Cast)
You can find me Outside of the challenging world full of pressures and expectations because I don't live any of them.

Irene Lozano-Garcia (Cast)
I am currently studying theatre and I love telling stories because I think they connect us as humans.
By exploring Outside with this group has taught me that you are never really on the outside; you just haven't told your stories to the right people yet.

Robin Bevis-Wilson (Cast)
Just letting you know I have autism, and it's not that I want to be rude.  I'm still learning some social cues.
To me, Outside is freedom, a breath of fresh air, seeking a beautiful sky where I could explore, admire and create lasting memories.

Susanna Uchatius (Artistic Director)
In my work I honour and support the lived stories of all who wish to share their truth in collaborative theatre creation.
Outside, to me, is the freedom to breath, to touch, to smell, to witness, to savour, to cherish and to support Mother Earth's living gifts.

Angelo Moroni (Co-Director/Sound Design/Composer)
I like to lay on the earth because it holds my weight.
Outside, to me, is space to look inside.

Andy Wise, son of Richard (Cast)
I am technically an orphan as my parents have passed.
Outside is the next chapter in life.

Teresa Ngan (Cast)
I am a Duke Edinburgh's International Award recipient at the gold level.
Outside means opening the doors to new challenges even while already bearing with immense challenges.

Special Thanks:

We would like to thank our generous sponsors and donors, Theatre Terrific's Board of Directors, Chelsey Stuyt, Anthony Lee, Igor Santizo, Colin Andrew Ford, Johanne Ascoli, Lisz, Harriet, and Kennedy.

We acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors, partners, and donors.

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