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Theatre Terrific in Covid-19 Times

To the many participating Theatre Terrific Community members and all interested persons.  We here at Theatre Terrific hold you all in our thoughts.

Thank you to the awesome artist, community members and staff for the collective work in our recent production Digital Fracture: VOICES. It was a huge feat to do this during these Covid 19 times- and we succeeded! Huge thanks to our audiences, community partners and supporters.


We are now holding ONLINE CHORAL CLASSES! As well as a Monday meetup, Pandemonium!  
To join, or for any questions please contact:
Susanna Uchatius at
Julia Siedlanowska at
Please know that the Staff, Resident Artists and the Board of Directors of Theatre Terrific wish you well in these difficult times. If we all take care of ourselves, follow the protocols of safety, we are truly supporting and respecting each other’s wellbeing. In health and the future months ahead we will gather to collaborate, create and celebrate amazing all inclusive theatrical artistry in it’s vast variety of forms! 
Living is art, and living/working together with people who are not just like us is really art, perhaps the most important art.” 
                                             Phillip Bimstein, Composer