Supporting artists of all abilities in the rigorous creation of provocative theatre.

Theatre Terrific pioneers inclusive opportunities for artists of all abilities to develop performance skills and collaborate in the production of  theatrical works.  Through its work, Theatre Terrific challenges audiences to be open to the impact of thought provoking art.


Over the past five months, Theatre Terrific's new Board of Directors and Artistic Director have worked to restructure the company and re-evaluate it's purpose and vision.  After much discussion, debate and financial planning, supported by Vantage Point, Theatre Terrific is happy to open it's doors to the future.

Theatre Terrific opens its doors with the Spring movement class:


Free your imagination!
Free your body!

This class will draw from improvisation, contemporary dance, theatre games, music and voice.
It offers a creative environment that balances creative fun with creative work.
You will be guided through exercises and activities to develop your own personal movement language.
You will learn how to move with other bodies.
You will explore space, time, music, the senses and your relationship to movement.
You will collaborate to create dances that speak with humanity’s diversity of expression.

When: April 22 to June 10/2014
Day: Tuesday Evenings
Time: 7 to 9 pm (arrive early, to be ready to start at 7 pm)
Place: Vancouver Japanese United Church (23rd Ave and Victoria St, Vancouver)
Cost:  $120

Contact for information and registration:

Susanna Uchatius,
Artistic Director
Theatre Terrific
Office: 604-222-4020

Class Instructor: Naomi Brand

Naomi Brand is a dancer, choreographer and teacher who has been working in the field of mixed ability and contemporary dance for over ten years. She holds a BA (Dance) and an MFA (Drama) from the University of Calgary and has performed and trained across Canada and the US as well as in Uruguay, Poland and Finland. In 2010, Naomi received her teaching certification in DanceAbility, a method for teaching dance to people of all abilities from founder Alito Alessi. From 2007-2012 Naomi was the Artistic Associate of Calgary’s MoMo Mixed Ability Dance Theatre a company that provides classes, workshops and performance opportunities for people with and without disabilities.