Greeting Cards

Alex Edwards and Daryl Dickson are longtime acting members of Theatre Terrific.
Not only do they portray their creative skills in theatre arts but also in the field of visual arts in drawing and painting.
These cards have been created by them during the isolation period at the beginning of COVID 19.
We do hope you will enjoy them and share them with your friends and support Theatre Terrific.


Alex Edwards


I was born in Prince George BC in 1983. I was born with brain damage that makes it hard for me to speak, but that doesn’t stop me from doing a lot of things. I write graphic stories with lots of pictures that make you feel a lot of things. I also am an actor and played Daniel in Theatre Terrific’s professional production of HELLO and I have been in over 15 Theatre Terrific shows for the Vancouver Fringe Festival and in the Heart of the City Festival. I also do Special Olympics and represented BC in the Nationals for Rhythmic Gymnastics and Curling. I hope that you like my pictures and that they make you feel all kinds of thoughtful things.


Daryl Dickson


Daryl was born in Lillooet in Sekw’el’was Band and Stl’attl’imx Nation on October 29th, 1969.
Daryl was born with Downs Syndrome and overcomes his CDhaalenges in various ways of self-expression and creativity. He has been an active member of Theatre Terrific for many years and in recent times he has found his voice in singing. He is a valued artist in the organization “Artists Helping Artists” and has exhibited in many of the Disability Art Shows, the L’Arche Foundation, and The Gathering Place in Port Coquitlam.
He is an active and enthusiastic member of the Special Olympics in ten pin bowling, floor hockey, and bocce. He has been a participating athlete in local and Provincial tournaments. Some of the pictures his cards are an expression of his experiences during this Covid 19 pandemic.
We hope you enjoy the cards as much as Daryl has enjoyed creating them